samedi 29 décembre 2007

Le temps des fêtes (5) – si j’étais président

Wyclef Jean – If I was President

If I was President, if I was President, if I was President
Instead of spendin' billions on the war,
I could use that money so I can feed the poor.
Cause I know some so poor, when it rains that's when they shower
Screamin' "Fight the power!" That's when the vulture devours.
If I was President,
I'd get elected on Friday,
Assasinated on Saturday,
Burried on Sunday. Then go back to work on Monday

2 commentaires:

Abdul-Rahim a dit…

He has another socially consious song out right now, but I forget what it's called, much more good beat than this one.

lutopium a dit…

Merci, je vais surveiller ça! J'ai cru que c'était approprié d'inclure ce clip au bloggue suite au décès de Madame Bhutto. Salut!